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Bill 34-18
Human Rights and Civil Liberties - County Minimum Wage - Definitions - Employer
Sponsor(s): Riemer Co-Sponsor(s): Hucker, Leventhal

Bill 10-17
Recordation Tax - Rates - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 17-15
Motor Vehicle Towing and Immobilization on Private Property - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Berliner Co-Sponsor(s): Rice, Katz, Navarro, Hucker, Riemer, Elrich, Floreen, Leventhal

Bill 13-15
Child Care Expansion and Quality Enhancement Initiative
Sponsor(s): Navarro, Riemer Co-Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 30-11
Fire and Emergency Services Commission - Duties
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 57-10E
Personnel - Collective Bargaining - Impasse Procedures
Sponsor(s): Ervin Co-Sponsor(s): Floreen, Andrews, Berliner, Elrich, Knapp, Navarro, Trachtenberg, Leventhal