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Bill 34-17
Housing - Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MPDU) - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Floreen Co-Sponsor(s): Rice

Bill 38-17
Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MPDUs) - Requirement to Build
Sponsor(s): Riemer Co-Sponsor(s): Katz

Bill 24-17
Land Use Information - Burial Sites
Sponsor(s): Rice, Berliner, Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Katz, Navarro, Hucker, Elrich

Bill 2-16
Transient Housing - Licensing and Registration
Sponsor(s): Riemer Co-Sponsor(s): Rice

Bill 19-17
Buildings - Energy Efficiency and Environmental Design – Repeal
Sponsor(s): Council President at request of Planning Board

Bill 4-17
Economic Development Fund - Small Business Assistance Program - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Floreen, Katz, Rice, Berliner

Bill 8-17
Executive Branch – Business Solutions Group - Established
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Riemer Co-Sponsor(s): Elrich, Navarro, Katz, Rice

Bill 49-16
Economic Development - Workforce Development - Microlending Program
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Navarro, Hucker Co-Sponsor(s): Floreen, Rice, Elrich, Katz, Riemer

Bill 41-16
Community Zoning and Land Use Resource Officer
Sponsor(s): Berliner Co-Sponsor(s): Katz, Hucker

Bill 25-16
Housing and Building Maintenance Standards - Neighborhood Action Team
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Navarro Co-Sponsor(s): Berliner, Elrich

Bill 19-15
Landlord -Tenant Relations - Licensing of Rental Housing - Landlord - Tenant
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Navarro, Hucker

Bill 35-16E
Building Permits - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Planning, Housing, and Economic Development Committee

Bill 34-16E
Streets and Roads - Design
Sponsor(s): Planning, Housing, and Economic Development Committee

Bill 29-16E
Fire Safety Code - Administration - Reorganization
Sponsor(s): Council President at the Request of the County Executive

Bill 25-15
Economic Development - Reorganization - Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation
Sponsor(s): Council President at the Request of the County Executive

Bill 31-13
Transportation - Review - Record Plats
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Leventhal, Floreen

Bill 44-14
Landlord-Tenant Relations - Licensing of Rental Housing - Common Ownership Community Fees
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Floreen, Branson

Bill 45-14
Common Ownership Communities - Governing Body - Training
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 19-13
Common Ownership Communities - Administrative Hearing - Attorney's Fees
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 25-13
Economic Development - Cybersecurity Credit - County Supplement
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Floreen, Leventhal

Bill 40-12
Economic Development - Green [[Organization Supplements]] Investor Incentive Program
Sponsor(s): Berliner

Bill 3-13
Finance - Economic Development Fund - Equity Investments
Sponsor(s): Council President at the Request of the County Executive

Bill 37-12
Housing - Capital Improvements Program - Affordable Housing Assessment
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Riemer, Ervin, Floreen, Leventhal, Andrews, Navarro, Rice

Bill 14-12
Economic Development Fund - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Riemer, Ervin, Elrich, Leventhal, Navarro, Rice

Bill 4-12
Economic Development - Urban Renewal - Wage and Health Insurance Requirements
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Ervin, Rice, Elrich

Bill 5-12
Administration - Small Business Navigator - Established
Sponsor(s): Berliner

Bill 6-12
Economic Development - Small Business Assistance
Sponsor(s): Navarro, Ervin, Floreen, Leventhal, Berliner, Riemer

Bill 34-11E
Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax Credit Supplement - Amendment
Sponsor(s): Council President at the Request of the County Executive

Bill 33-11
Urban Renewal and Community Development - Community Benefits Agreements - Large Retail Stores
Sponsor(s): Ervin Co-Sponsor(s): Navarro, Rice, Riemer, Elrich

Bill 1-10
Development - Coordination, Oversight
Sponsor(s): Trachtenberg Co-Sponsor(s): Knapp

Bill 28-10
Economic Development - Business Development Corporation - Establishment
Sponsor(s): Floreen Co-Sponsor(s): Trachtenberg, Ervin, Navarro, Knapp, Leventhal, Berliner

Bill 38-10E
Buildings - Adequate Public Facilities - Definitions
Sponsor(s): Floreen

Bill 8-10E
Finance - Public Facilities - Agricultural Easements
Sponsor(s): Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee, Leventhal

Bill 4-10
Workforce Housing - Voluntary
Sponsor(s): Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee

Bill 5-10E
Economic Development - Biotechnology Credit - County Supplement
Sponsor(s): Knapp Co-Sponsor(s): Ervin, Leventhal, Floreen