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Bill 30-18
Finance - Accessibility Features Supplement - Established
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Katz, Riemer, Navarro, Hucker, Elrich, Berliner, Floreen, Rice

Bill 26-18
Landlord-Tenant Relations - Accessory Apartment Licensing
Sponsor(s): Floreen, Leventhal, Riemer

Bill 10-18
Administration - Director of County Climate Policy - Established
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Berliner, Hucker, Navarro

Bill 19-18E
Technical Corrections
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Elrich, Floreen, Hucker, Katz, Leventhal, Rice, Riemer

Bill 17-18E
Property Tax Credit-Elderly Individuals and Retired Military Services Members - Application
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Rice, Katz, Floreen, Navarro, Hucker

Bill 41-17
Economic Development Fund - Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Matching Grant Program - Established
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Riemer, Rice, Elrich, Berliner, Katz, Navarro, Hucker, Floreen

Bill 23-17
Animal Control - Performance Animal - Violations
Sponsor(s): Rice, Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Katz, Navarro, Riemer, Elrich, Hucker, Berliner

Bill 24-17
Land Use Information - Burial Sites
Sponsor(s): Rice, Berliner, Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Katz, Navarro, Hucker, Elrich

Bill 30-17E
Weapons - Discharge of Bows - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Leventhal, Katz, Rice, Elrich, Riemer, Navarro, Hucker, Floreen

Bill 9-17
Fuel-Energy Tax - Exemptions - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Berliner, Elrich, Hucker, Katz, Rice, Riemer, Navarro

Bill 1-17
Contracts and Procurement - Vending Machine Service Contracts - Healthy Vending Standards
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Rice, Berliner, Navarro, Riemer, Elrich, Hucker

Bill 50-16
Elections - Special Elections - Executive Vacancy
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 25-16
Housing and Building Maintenance Standards - Neighborhood Action Team
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Navarro Co-Sponsor(s): Berliner, Elrich

Bill 27-16
Human Rights and Civil Liberties - Earned Sick and Safe Leave - Eligibility
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Berliner, Rice

Bill 16-16
Personnel - Benefits for Domestic Partner of Employee - Repeal
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Katz

Bill 17-16
Contracts and Procurement - Equal Benefits for Domestic Partner - Repeal
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 37-15
Boards, Committees, and Commissions - Advocacy
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Berliner, Rice

Bill 51-15E
Non-merit employees - Salary Schedule - Established
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Elrich, Rice, Hucker

Bill 49-15E
Ethics - Update
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 52-14
Pesticides - Notice Requirements - Cosmetic Pesticide Use Restrictions
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Elrich, Hucker, Riemer, Navarro Co-Sponsor(s): Floreen

Bill 35-14E
Weapons - Discharge of Bows - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Berliner, Rice

Bill 60-14
Human Rights and Civil Liberties - Earned Sick and Safe Leave
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Navarro, Branson, Elrich, Riemer, Hucker

Bill 16-15E
Economic Development Fund - Strategic Plan - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 48-14
Purchases from Minority Owned Businesses - Procedures - Request for Proposals
Sponsor(s): Rice, Leventhal, Elrich, Branson, Navarro, Riemer

Bill 31-13
Transportation - Review - Record Plats
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Leventhal, Floreen

Bill 56-14
Health and Sanitation - Smoking - Electronic Cigarettes
Sponsor(s): Floreen, Leventhal, Branson, Navarro, Rice, Elrich, Riemer, Katz, Hucker, Berliner

Bill 50-14
Animal Control - Retail Pet Stores
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Navarro, Branson, Riemer, Berliner, Elrich, Rice, Katz, Hucker, Floreen

Bill 44-14
Landlord-Tenant Relations - Licensing of Rental Housing - Common Ownership Community Fees
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Floreen, Branson

Bill 4-15E
Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission - Membership - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 51-14
Discriminatory Employment Practices - Retaliation for Wage Disclosure - Prohibited
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Navarro, Elrich, Riemer, Berliner, Hucker

Bill 45-14
Common Ownership Communities - Governing Body - Training
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 62-14
Taxation - Development Impact Taxes - Exemptions - Ancillary Facilities
Sponsor(s): Rice, Leventhal, Floreen, Katz, Riemer, Navarro

Bill 41-14
Solid Waste (Trash) - Food Service Products - Packaging Materials - Requirements
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Leventhal, Elrich

Bill 57-14E
Health - Montgomery Cares - Advisory Board - Continuation
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 22-14
Property Tax - Rent Reduction Tax Credit
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Berliner, Elrich, Floreen, Navarro

Bill 16-14
Elections - Public Campaign Financing
Sponsor(s): Andrews, Elrich, Berliner, Riemer, Leventhal, Rice, Navarro, Floreen, Branson

Bill 30-14
Streets and Roads - Right-of-way Permit - Fee - Exemption
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Riemer, Elrich, Leventhal, Floreen, Andrews, Navarro

Bill 22-13E
Taxation - Fuel Energy Tax - Renewable Energy Sources
Sponsor(s): Council President at the Request of the County Executive, Leventhal

Bill 24-14E
Property Tax Credit - Accessibility Features - Eligible Features
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Navarro, Riemer, Branson

Bill 6-14
Environmental Sustainability - Office of Sustainability - Established
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal, Andrews, Navarro

Bill 18-14E
Secondhand Personal Property - Automated Purchasing Machines
Sponsor(s): Rice, Branson, Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal, Navarro, Elrich

Bill 12-14
Personnel - Telecommuting - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal, Elrich, Andrews, Navarro

Bill 11-14
Buildings - Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permits - Expedited Review
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal, Elrich, Andrews, Navarro

Bill 10-14
Buildings - Solar Permits - Expedited Review
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal, Rice, Elrich, Andrews, Navarro

Bill 9-14
Environmental Sustainability - Renewable Energy - County Purchase
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Leventhal, Floreen, Riemer, Andrews, Navarro

Bill 4-14
Streets and Roads - County Street Lights
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal, Elrich, Andrews, Navarro

Bill 34-13
Interagency Commission on Homelessness - Established
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Rice

Bill 32-13
Motor Vehicles and Traffic - Off-Street Public Parking Regulations - Plug-in Vehicles
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Berliner, Andrews, Leventhal

Bill 3-14
Buildings - Energy Efficiency - Energy Standards
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Elrich, Floreen, Navarro, Andrews, Leventhal

Bill 30-13
Taxation - Property Tax Credit - Burtonsville Enterprise Zone Property
Sponsor(s): Ervin, Rice, Berliner, Elrich, Navarro, Floreen, Andrews, Leventhal, Riemer

Bill 5-13
Property Tax Credit - Accessibility Features
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 8-13
Working Families Income Supplement - Amount
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Elrich, Leventhal

Bill 2-13
Streets and Roads - Reconstruction - Coordination
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Riemer, Elrich

Bill 19-13
Common Ownership Communities - Administrative Hearing - Attorney's Fees
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 10-13
Taxation - Excise Tax - Disposable Carryout Bags - Scope
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Floreen, Rice, Leventhal

Bill 25-13
Economic Development - Cybersecurity Credit - County Supplement
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Floreen, Leventhal

Bill 33-12
Bill 33-12, Health and Sanitation - Smoking - County Property
Sponsor(s): Floreen, Navarro, Rice, Riemer, Leventhal, Elrich, Andrews

Bill 32-12
Personnel - Regulations - Persons with Disabilities - Noncompetitive Appointment; (This Act may be cited as the “Expanded Hiring of Persons with Disabilities Act.)”
Sponsor(s): Andrews, Rice, Navarro, Leventhal, Ervin, Floreen, Elrich, Berliner, Riemer

Bill 37-12
Housing - Capital Improvements Program - Affordable Housing Assessment
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Riemer, Ervin, Floreen, Leventhal, Andrews, Navarro, Rice

Bill 14-12
Economic Development Fund - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Riemer, Ervin, Elrich, Leventhal, Navarro, Rice

Bill 23-12
Administration - Open Data
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Andrews, Berliner, Leventhal, Floreen, Navarro, Ervin

Bill 26-12
Swimming Pools - Defibrillators
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Riemer, Rice, Navarro, Andrews, Elrich, Floreen

Bill 25-12
Taxation - Impact Tax - Bikesharing
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Ervin, Riemer, Elrich, Leventhal, Andrews, Navarro

Bill 11-12E
County Property - Disposition
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Elrich, Berliner, Andrews, Riemer, Navarro

Bill 6-12
Economic Development - Small Business Assistance
Sponsor(s): Navarro, Ervin, Floreen, Leventhal, Berliner, Riemer

Bill 3-12
Personnel - Special Days of Commemoration - Additions
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Elrich

Bill 37-11
Motor Vehicles and Traffic - School Bus Safety Cameras
Sponsor(s): Ervin, Andrews, Rice, Berliner, Elrich, Navarro, Riemer, Floreen, Leventhal

Bill 29-11
Boards, Committees, and Commissions - Sunset, Consolidation
Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 1-11
Administration - Department of Health and Human Services - Duties
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Navarro, Rice

Bill 34-10
Finance - Public Facilities - Private Projects
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Knapp, Elrich

Bill 8-10E
Finance - Public Facilities - Agricultural Easements
Sponsor(s): Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee, Leventhal