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Bill 10-17
Recordation Tax - Rates - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 12-18
Real Property - New Home Sales Contracts - Solar Panel Systems
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Hucker

Bill 11-18
Buildings - Environmental Roof Design - Non-residential and Multi-family buildings
Sponsor(s): Elrich

Bill 28-17
Human Rights and Civil Liberties - County Minimum Wage - Amount - Annual Adjustment
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Riemer, Hucker, Navarro

Bill 25-17E
Elections - Public Campaign Financing - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Navarro, Katz, Riemer, Elrich

Bill 4-17
Economic Development Fund - Small Business Assistance Program - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Floreen, Katz, Rice, Berliner

Bill 12-16
Human Rights and Civil Liberties - County Minimum Wage - Amount - Annual Adjustment
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Riemer, Navarro, Hucker

Bill 19-15
Landlord -Tenant Relations - Licensing of Rental Housing - Landlord - Tenant
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Navarro, Hucker

Bill 53-15E
Taxicabs - Credit Card Transactions
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Riemer, Navarro

Bill 21-15
Finance - Renters Property Tax Relief Supplement
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Navarro, Riemer

Bill 34-15
Taxes - Transportation and School Impact Tax - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Rice, Elrich

Bill 49-14
Contracts and Procurement - Formal Solicitation - Reciprocal Local Preference
Sponsor(s): Rice, Elrich

Bill 12-15
Administration - Office of Community Use of Public Facilities - Vulnerable Youth and Low-Income Families
Sponsor(s): Navarro, Elrich

Bill 41-14
Solid Waste (Trash) - Food Service Products - Packaging Materials - Requirements
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Leventhal, Elrich

Bill 27-14
Schools and Camps - Career Pathways Program
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Navarro, Branson, Riemer, Rice, Floreen, Anderws, Elrich

Bill 18-14E
Secondhand Personal Property - Automated Purchasing Machines
Sponsor(s): Rice, Branson, Floreen, Riemer, Leventhal, Navarro, Elrich

Bill 19-14
Personnel - Regulations - Hiring Preference - County Residents
Sponsor(s): Branson, Elrich

Bill 2-13
Streets and Roads - Reconstruction - Coordination
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Riemer, Elrich

Bill 41-12
Streets and Roads - Roadside Trees - Protection
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Elrich

Bill 23-11
Development Districts, Special Taxing Districts - Duplication of Funding
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Ervin, Berliner, Navarro

Bill 4-12
Economic Development - Urban Renewal - Wage and Health Insurance Requirements
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Ervin, Rice, Elrich

Bill 16-12
Trees - Utility Vegetation Management
Sponsor(s): Berliner, Elrich

Bill 3-12
Personnel - Special Days of Commemoration - Additions
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Elrich

Bill 30-11
Fire and Emergency Services Commission - Duties
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Leventhal

Bill 60-10
Erosion and Sediment Control - Violations
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Ervin

Bill 17-10
Public Utility Easement - Urban Roads
Sponsor(s): Elrich

Bill 35-10E
Personnel - Disability Retirement - Imputed Compensation
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Andrews, Trachtenberg