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Bill 14-14
Contracts and Procurement - Wage Requirements - Health Insurance - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Navarro, Berliner, Riemer, Elrich, Floreen, Branson

Bill 44-14
Landlord-Tenant Relations - Licensing of Rental Housing - Common Ownership Community Fees
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Floreen, Branson

Bill 40-14
Contracts and Procurement - Prevailing Wage Requirements - Apprenticeship Training
Sponsor(s): Riemer, Branson

Bill 16-14
Elections - Public Campaign Financing
Sponsor(s): Andrews, Elrich, Berliner, Riemer, Leventhal, Rice, Navarro, Floreen, Branson

Bill 24-14E
Property Tax Credit - Accessibility Features - Eligible Features
Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Navarro, Riemer, Branson