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In order to learn about the MPDU sales program and receive further instructions for applying, you need to attend an MPDU Orientation Seminar. Note: If you are a current MPDU certificate holder and wish to renew your application, click here.

All MPDU Orientation Seminars are held online using the Zoom platform. ALL CLASSES ARE VALID FOR ONLY TWO YEARS. If you attended either an Orientation Seminar or a First Time Homebuyer class and have not applied to the MPDU program within two years of taking either or both classes, you must re-take the expired class or classes before you can apply to the program. Or if you re-apply to the MPDU program and your MPDU certificate expired more than 90 days previously, you must also re-take any of the MPDU classes that were taken more than two years ago.

Before you attend the Orientation Seminar, you will need to attend a First Time Homebuyer class and receive a 'Certificate of Completion'. This class must be taken within two years of when you apply to the program. Click here for more information and to register for the First Time Homebuyer class.

The MPDU program will accept a Certificate of Completion from another first-time homebuyer class, but only if the class:

Several groups provide First-Time Homebuyer classes in Montgomery County, including:

If you take a First Time Homebuyer class that is offered by an agency other than Housing and Community Initiatives (HCI), call 311 and ask to speak to an MPDU staff person or click here to create an online service request and indicate that you would like to validate a first time homebuyer certificate provided by an external agency. The MPDU office will need to review and approve the certificate from the other agency before you will be able to sign up for the Orientation Seminar. Please provide your FTHB certificate information as soon as you have taken this class from an external agency, and at least two weeks before the Orientation Seminar class opens for registration. If you call the same day that registration for the Orientation Seminar opens, the MPDU program will not be able to validate this information.

Registration Instructions:

After registering, you will receive an email confirmation with your Orientation ID number. Please print the email and keep it for your records. You will need to use the Orientation ID number to cancel your registration online if you are unable to attend. Only those who registered successfully will be receiving the Zoom link invitation and instructions 3 to 5 days before the Orientation Seminar date . Please make sure to check your spam or junk folder. It is important to be on time for these sessions and remain until the end of the class. If you are late, or the instructors are not able to verify that you stayed until the end of the class, you will have to reschedule. If you are having difficulty signing up, you may call MC311 at (240) 777-0311 or click here to create an online service request. Hearing-impaired individuals who need accommodations must call (240) 777-0311 or create an online service request here at least two weeks prior to the seminar they wish to attend.


  1. The Registration link becomes active on the Registration Start Date and Time.
  2. Registration closes when a class is full. You'll need to select another class.
  3. Please do not contact the MPDU office for class registration confirmation. An e-mail will be sent to those who registered successfully. Make sure to check your spam or junk folder.

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