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Below is a listing of current and recent MPDUs available for sale. Click on the development name for more information about the units (addresses, floor plans, interior and exterior features, etc.), to enter the random selection drawing, or to view selection results.

If you have a current, valid MPDU Purchase Program Certificate of Eligibility, and you are interested in buying one of these MPDUs, you may enter the Random Selection Drawing (formerly known as a "lottery") for an MPDU development any time before 11:59 PM on the date of the entry deadline. The loan pre-qualification amount on your Certificate of Eligibility must be at least as much as the minimum listed for the MPDUs in that development. In order to be considered in the Random Selection Drawing, your household size must qualify you for the number of bedrooms in the MPDU:

Household Size

For Sale MPDUS

Number of Bedrooms

1 person

1 or 2 bedrooms *

2 people

1 or 2 bedrooms

3 people

2 or 3 bedrooms

4 people

2, 3 or 4 bedrooms

5 people

3 or more bedrooms

6 people

3 or more bedrooms

7 or more people

4 or more bedrooms

* 1 person households are only eligible to purchase 2 bedroom condominiums; they are not eligible to purchase non-condominium townhouses regardless of bedroom size unless the list of eligible households has been exhausted (Executive Regulation 13-05AM)

Selection results are available after the drawing date has passed on the development details page accessed by clicking on the development name.

Certificate numbers of qualifying households will be listed in the order in which they were randomly selected. Households with the most priority points will be listed first. If your household size is not a match for the number of bedrooms in the MPDU, or if your loan pre-qualification amount is less than the minimum, your certificate number will not be included in the selection list. Your number will be listed with other certificate numbers that have been disqualified from the drawing, along with the reason(s). If an insufficient number of households of eligible size enters the drawing, or if the list of qualified households from the drawing is exhausted before all of the MPDUs are sold, DHCA will send an e-mail to all MPDU certificate holders to advise that the minimum household size requirement has been lifted, and to provide certificate holders with the contact information for the builder. At that point the MPDUs will be offered for sale to certificate holders on a first come, first serve basis. While smaller households will then have the opportunity to purchase the MPDUs, households that entered the drawing but were disqualified due to household size will not receive priority.

A household must have valid MPDU certificate to enter a drawing. If a household has not submitted a completed application before a unit or development is listed on this website, they will not be able to enter that drawing because their application cannot be reviewed and approved in time for the household to receive a certificate before the date of the drawing.

Click on the development name for more information about the units (addresses, floor plans, interior and exterior features, etc.), to enter the random selection drawing, or to view selection results.

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Unit Type 
Units Available 
Bedroom Count 
Minimum Pre-qualified Loan amount 
Open House Attendance Required 
Entry Deadline Descending
Random Selection Date 
Montgomery Row at Rock SpringBethesdaTownhouse33$209,316No08/08/201808/09/2018
Kings OverlookBoydsGarden12$175,000Yes08/05/201808/06/2018
Westside at Shady Grove Metro Phase 1 TownhouseRockvilleTownhouse23$198,260No07/30/201807/31/2018
Clarksburg Village, Phase 1ClarksburgPiggyback Townhouse13$174,725Yes07/29/201807/30/2018
Clarksburg Village, Phase 1ClarksburgPiggyback Townhouse13$170,741Yes07/29/201807/30/2018
Clarksburg Village, Phase 2ClarksburgPiggyback Townhouse13$187,803Yes07/09/201807/10/2018
Buckingham StationGermantownTownhouse Condo13$185,816Yes07/08/201807/09/2018
Arora Hills (Greenway Village Ph. 3, 4 & 5)ClarksburgTownhouse13$213,259Yes07/04/201807/05/2018
Trotters GlenOlneyDuplex53$177,461No06/24/201806/25/2018
Clarksburg Village, Phase 2ClarksburgPiggyback Townhouse13$184,746Yes06/21/201806/22/2018
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