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Office of Consumer Protection

Motor Vehicle Repairs, Maintenance and Towing


  1. To avoid delay in processing your application, please be sure that you have answered every question clearly and completely.
  2. After submitting the completed application, please send in the registrationfee to the Office of Consumer Protection. Make checks or money orders payable to Montgomery County, Maryland. You MUST write the registration number on the payment.
  3. Any changes in the firm’s ownership, or other information submitted in this application, must be submitted in writing to OCP’s Business Compliance Unit within (10) days of the change. This notice shall include all the changes made by you.
  4. If you are a corporation, your corporation must be registered in Maryland, be in good standing, and you must provide us the name, address and telephone number of the Resident Agent in Maryland.
  5. You will be requested to upload required documents before can you submit the application as your application will not be saved in to our system with out uploading the required docs after clicking "Continue" button below.