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Montgomery County Athletic Fields
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Seven Locks Elementary School

9500 Seven Locks RD, BethesdaMD 20817
Field(s) Summary
2 FS fields and 1 BB/SB field with FS overlay
Field Descriptions
Field #1 BB/SB Field is located in southwest corner of school property. Skinned infield; 60-70 foot base paths; hooded backstop; player benches and protection fences; NO home plate or pitching rubber. Appoximate outfield dimensions: 250 feet. Appropriate for U13 baseball and U19 softball.
Field #2 FS Field is located in northwestern corner of school property; overlays portion of field #1 outfield. Approximate dimensions: 150 ft. X 170 ft. NO soccer goals. Appropriate for U13 FS.
Field #3 FS Field is located closest to basketball courts and playground; overlays right field area of field #1. Approximate dimensions: 120 ft. X 130 ft. NO soccer goals. Appropriate for U10 FS.

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