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Montgomery County Athletic Fields
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Meadow Hall Elementary School

951 Twinbrook PKY, RockvilleMD 20851
Field(s) Summary
Closed through March 2010
Field Descriptions
Field #1 FS/SB (lower) Field by school & parking lot; can be used for youth 11&under soccer or T-Ball--mostly used for soccer due to placement of goals (best to use field #2 for BB/SB); hooded backstop; grass infield; benches w/safety fence; outfield 160' (extra goal in center field); soccer goals 7'x21'; field 138'x180'
Field #2 SB (Middle) Field in back corner by play equipment; can be used by youth 11&under; flat backstop; grass infield; home plate; no pitching rubbers; outfield= L-140' to play equip C-165' to play equip R-70' to school;
Field #3 FS (upper-practices only) Field is grassy area on the left side of school; can be used for youth 11&under soccer practices only

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