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Montgomery County Athletic Fields
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McAuliffe, S. Christa Elementary School

12500 Wisteria DR, GermantownMD 20874
Field(s) Summary
Fields are up one level behind school. 2 BB/SB fields w/backstop -- can play at the same time. FS overlay of both fields. Fields up the next level belong to M-NCPPC (Gunner's Lake Local Park).
Field Descriptions
Field #1 BB/SB Field up hill on the left; suitable for youth 18&under BB/SB & adult SB practices; 1st baseline close to fence and steep downhill (foul balls major problem), 3rd baseline close to steep uphill -- not much room for players and spectators on either side; hooded backstop; skinned infield; no home plate; 40' pitching rubber; 100' from home to outfield grass edge; outfield = L-190' to hill, C-275' (312' to field #2's infield grass edge), R-152' to cement pad by steps (could be longer if lining is adjusted)
Field #2 BB/SB Field up hill in far right corner; suitable for youth 18&under BB/SB & adult SB practices; hooded backstop; skinned infield; 90' from home to outfield grass edge; no home plate or pitching rubbers; outfield= L-225' to trees and 255' to play equipment, C-400"+ (312' from edge of infield to edge of infield on field #1, R-400'+; not much player/spectator room due to large trees and fence along 3rd base side and hill to upper level (M-NCPPC fields) along 1st base side
Field #3 FS Field up hill -- can be set up in grass area between both BB/SB fields without overlapping either infield; NO goals; approx. size 140'x350' (might be able to expand width depending exact placement); suitable for youth 18&under & adult practices

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