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Program Description

  Health Promotion and Prevention

The program's mission is to provide health information to the community to help change attitudes and behaviors to improve the population health. The program develops and distributes health education materials and information to County residents, including HHS clients, that helps them prevent the onset of chronic diseases, and to practice healthy behaviors and lifestyles. The emphasis is on health literacy, early access to preventive care and screening, and raising awareness through special events and campaigns. The program features an educational kiosk to help clients access health information, a calendar of health observances, printed materials, social media posting, and targeted outreach events.

Program Contacts

Contact Travis Gayles of the HHS - Public Health Services at 240.777.1211 or Joshua Watters of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2768 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.


Program Budget Changes

FY20 Approved ChangesExpendituresFTEs
FY19 Approved00.00
Multi-program adjustments, including negotiated compensation changes, employee benefit changes, changes due to staff turnover, reorganizations, and other budget changes affecting multiple programs.168000.00
FY20 Approved168000.00