Budget Year / Version:

Montgomery County
Service Areas

Use the table below to get a quick snaphot of our operating budget, starting with our service areas and going through departments, programs, personnel costs & operating expenses, and individual accounts. Additionally, you can compare the County Executives Recommended vs. the County Council Approved Budgets over time at each budget level.

Budget Level:

Service AreaFTE'sAppropriationGraph of Total
Montgomery County Public Schools22284.33 2517093841.00drill down
General Govt. & Other Functions1640.52 627574587.00drill down
Public Safety3996.58 585867151.00drill down
Debt Service0.00 408233670.00drill down
NDA0.00 324914298.00drill down
Montgomery College1917.60 313974326.00drill down
Health and Human Services1648.71 312961396.00drill down
Transportation1206.20 221005006.00drill down
Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission1080.64 148340593.00drill down
Environment213.11 126815367.00drill down
Community Development and Housing345.85 96311758.00drill down
Libraries, Culture, and Recreation890.12 92186171.00drill down

Service Area
Expenditure Distribution

Total Recommended vs Approved Expenditures by Year

Detailed Breakdown of Recommended vs Approved Expenditures
Department Name